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I had so much fun photographing the Truman-Allen family! Kristen, D, Corley, Pele, Gabriel, and Lucero lived it up and made my job so easy. There was a family yoga session, re-enacting a photo from years ago, and lots of great memories. It was an extra special time to capture their family -- Corley was leaving for a 27-month Peace Corp assignment in Vanuatu a short time after our session. I wanted to make sure the family had moments from this special time in their lives -- and I wanted to make sure that Corley had memories of her family to take with her.

Family yoga!

I loved the plaid that D and the boys sported.

What a great group of kiddos!

Another of my favorite parts of the Truman-Allen sessions is that there were lots of candid memories for me to document. I often do snap images in the in-between moments because that's when the true heart and dynamics of the family often surfaces.

I always it a point to take photos of just the parents at any family session I'm at because most of the time the last time they had photos of themselves together was at their wedding!

We might have been talking about her celebrity crush at this point. *ahem* Taye Diggs *ahem*

Get you a sister that looks at you like Pele looks at Corley.

The re-enacted photo!


I loved every minute of my time with the Truman-Allen family. It was so apparent that they truly love each other and enjoy spending time together -- and families like that really make my job easier. So much easier that the normal family session allotted time of two hours only lasted about an hour and a quarter and we got all the photos and then some! Thank you, Truman-Allen family, for allowing me to photograph you all.

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