Amber + Erina | Feathered Penny | Destination Wedding Photographer

Amber and Erina are some of the sweetest and kindest people you could ever meet, so when they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was over the moon. We all flew to Florida and stayed in a big beach house in Miramar Beach. Their boys, Erina's father and nephew, Amber's grandmother and brother, and their honor attendant (also named Amber!) and officiant came with them -- and Amber's aunt and uncle drove from Georgia to celebrate their big day. It was such a wonderful wedding to witness and document, and is one of the most intimate weddings I have ever photographed.

While Amber was perfecting her hair and makeup, Erina was helping the boys with their boutonnieres.

How freaking gorgeous is Amber??

I absolutely LOVED bridesmaid Amber's reaction to seeing bride Amber in her complete makeup. (Yep, they are both named Amber!) And this was absolutely not staged or exaggerated -- bridesmaid Amber really had this reaction.

It takes a village (or at least some loving friends and family!) to get a bride ready for her wedding.


Amber was escorted by her brother, Adam, and we had to cross a street to reach the beach.

That set up! That scenery! That intimacy!!

The couple's sons participated in the wedding: Madox was the flower bearer and Ami bore the rings.

Amber was crying happy tears as she came down the aisle.

There were happy tears...

...and there was laughter.

The brides chose to incorporate a sand ceremony in their wedding to symbolize the uniting of their family: the two women and their sons.

Amber and Erina asked a friend to officiate, so moments like this were special for more than just the brides.

Married!! WOOT!

Such a sweet moment! Emotions got real for Amber's grandmother after the ceremony.

The wedding party...and a spouse.

The Ambers!


The officiant and her new husband. To demonstrate how sweet Amber and Erina are: the brides booked these two into their own hotel room so that they didn't have to spend their honeymoon in a beach house with the eleven of us who were there.