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Hannah and Andrew chose beautiful Red Rocks as their engagement photo spot because the first date they went on was a concert in the world-renowned amphitheater the park is known for. This session was extra special -- Hannah wasn't (yet) living in Colorado at the time so she had to spend a day of one of her visits on this session. And I'll be honest: our session started out kind of rough when I locked my keys (and props, camera bag, and camera!!) in the car -- but thankfully I brought my second-shooter along with me and she'd already pulled her camera out of her bag.

Their love for each other was apparent from the start of our session.

Thankfully, Hannah laughed easily at all my (stupid and often self-deprecating) jokes. Andrew smirked a lot -- I soon discovered that was very true to his nature.

I love the prompt that produced ^this photo.^ Hannah's job was to try to come towards me and Andrew's job was to not let her do that. They clearly both had a great time with this -- and it's pretty obvious that Andrew won!

For all my engaged couples, I encourage two outfits: one casual and the other more dressy because it adds to the variety in their final gallery. (And it works well to add variety especially if you're in a place that doesn't have a heck of a lot of options for backgrounds...which we clearly didn't have at Red Rocks, but I figured it was worth mentioning!) Hannah and Andrew took that two-outfit advice to heart -- and I *love* their coordination with their dressier outfit.

Hannah rocked it all over the east side of the Trading Post Trail with those wedges -- and it was worth it! This session turned out to be amazing (and one of my favorites of the year!) despite getting off to such a rocky start*. I was so pumped for their October wedding! (*In case you're interested: my second shooter spent most of the session researching local locksmith companies and Drew tried to get the door unlocked with a wire, but to no avail. I eventually spent my last $50 on a locksmith.)

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