Kim + Blair

From the moment I met Kim and Blair in Starbucks for a consultation, I knew that they would be wonderful to work with. As luck would have it, they felt the same way, and on June 29th, I drove to Littleton to capture their wedding day.

It was a beautiful day and everything was spectacular -- we could feel the love the moment that we walked into the salon to photograph Kim getting her hair done.

When we left Kim at the salon, we drove over to the reception site, and we found Blair doing some finishing work on setting up. Most of it was done, and it was all beautiful!

Sadly, Kim's father experienced an untimely death and didn't make it to his daughter's wedding. His spirit was there, though, and there were several mementos to represent him.

After getting some good details, we drove over to see what the groomsmen were doing.

We found the best man finessing his speech (which he NAILED) and the rest of the men downstairs drinking some cold beer.

It was time for Kim to get her dress on, and we made it back to the venue in time to get some photos of her finishing her makeup, too. We also made sure to grab some detail shots of her dress and the bouquet, as well as some of what was going on in the room with her bridesmaids.

Before we all knew it, the time had come to get these crazy kids married.

After the ceremony, we went right into taking portraits. We did the family photos so they could go get some appetizers, snapped some bridal party images, and ended with couples' portraits. Thankfully, the wind let up by the time we were done with family images.

When we were done, it was time to PARTY. First was dinner -- hello, Chipotle Catering! -- then speeches, an emotional tribute to Kim's dad, a guitar performance by the groom, a superhero cake display, and DANCING. These people know how to get down. (I have proof!)