Lacey + Devon

Lacey worked with me at CSU when she got engaged. When I saw the happy news on Facebook, I knew something was about to change. Sure enough - a few weeks later, she quit her job so she could move to Wyoming to be with her fiance and start their life together. When she asked me to photograph their engagement session, I was over the moon! I knew just where to take them (especially since they got engaged on a hike!) Here are my most favorite photos from our evening together.

These are just some of our warm-up photos, to get them used to being in front of the camera, and also snuggling in random places.

We then found more stuff to do, like dipping and snuggling in some tall grass. Proof:

After a while, they changed clothes and we changed locations.

I love that Lacey borrowed her dress from Rent the Runway! It's so stunning. Devon looked pretty darn good in his suit, too. They got so many compliments as we were photographing this session (one of the locations we used was along Spring Creek Trail, a popular biking and running trail here in Fort Collins) and I loved that every compliment lit up Lacey's face. (We are pretty sure that some of the passersby thought that the couple had just gotten married, as many of the compliments were "Congratulations!") Lacey and Devon were going to dinner after the session, and I hope they wore these outfits. They were certainly dressed appropriately!

As I was describing this secondary location to them, they knew exactly where I was talking about because they had, apparently, visited this spot numerous times during their relationship. I asked them what their favorite spot was and they both said it was the big willow tree, which the biggest draw of the location for me, too. I then made it a priority to use the tree as much as possible.

Doesn't that look like something you'd see in a Southern Bride magazine? I sure think so. :) My biggest regret of this session isn't even something I can control: the weeping limbs aren't as long as I wanted them to be.

Then, I thought of something that would really make things hike up the romance factor about tenfold (even though that hadn't been lacking!). It was something I'd read online from a fellow photographer on how to elicit true emotions from clients - I'm not sure if this photographer got it from the Unposed series or not, but it sure gave me amazing results!

I looked at Devon and said, "I know you've probably told her this a million times already, but I'd like you to go ahead and tell Lacey why you're excited to marry her."

Look at those memories we just created! I don't even care that her fingers are making the ASL sign for "OK" in the last photo -- it was real, it was genuine, and I'm willing to bet that looking at this series of images will evoke that memory for her. That's what it's all about. That's what I love about this job. <3

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