The photographer, dog mom, and taco-lover on secret talents, early jobs, and not being able to sleep in.

1. If I weren't a photographer, I'd be: An archaeologist

2. Song that always makes me cry: Parachute's "Forever and Always"

3. Store I can't leave without buying something: Target.

4. Food I'm not ashamed to admit that I love: (Besides tacos?) Chicken wings.

5. One thing I'm exceptionally good at: Tetris-ing items/boxes.

6. One thing I'm epically bad at: Sleeping past eight.

7. The three qualities I thought I wanted in a partner: Romantic. Funny. Sweet.

8. The three qualities I know now matter: Funny. Constant. Loving.

9. How I made my first dollar: Bussing tables in my mom's friend's restaurant at the age of 10. 

10. How I clear my mind after a crappy day: Watching a movie with my fuzzies, flipping through a magazine, or scrolling through Pinterest or Tumblr.


  • Sunshine

  • Mountains

  • Camping

  • Coffee

  • Dogs!

  • Lilacs

  • Twinkle lights

  • Love-stories

  • Traveling

  • Autumn

  • Tomatoes fresh from the vine

  • Quiet mornings to myself

  • Gardening


  • Baby's laughter

  • Hellboy movies

  • Diet Dr. Pepper

  • Rainstorms

  • Recycling

  • Repurposing

  • Cake

  • Catching up with friends

  • Clean laundry

  • Drinking out of mugs and mason jars

  • Sweet red wine

  • Napping

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