Let me tell your story.



While my senior sessions sometimes last 2 hours, we'll spend at least 90 minutes together documenting this special time in your life! You can change clothes a few times (I recommend at least two outfits) and we'll visit a few different spots -- at least as time allows. Bring props as long as they fit with your personality and your story

Classic Traditions

The Hustle includes your 90-120 minute senior session plus an extra 30 minutes of time dedicated to just your favorite sport/activity. Maybe for you this would be going to a practice field (your school's?) in your uniform and gear and getting some photos dedicated to just throwing/kicking the ball. Maybe this would be some time in a studio with paints, clay, or fabrics around you. Maybe it's you on a stage with your instrument. Whatever it looks like for you, we'll spend some time dedicated to just that activity.



Ride or Die


Imagine it: you and your bff, back to back senior sessions (making each other laugh behind the scenes!) and professional photos of the two of you together. Does that sound awesome? Then this is the senior session for you! It's 4 hours of time, 90 minutes for each of you and 30 minutes together. Senior photos are something you both need -- and this will save you money instead of booking your sessions separately. You'll each get separate galleries and the same photos of the two of you together.


HMUA          Add on professional hair and makeup to your senior session           $100/person



While my family sessions sometimes last 2 hours, we'll spend at least 90 minutes together documenting this special time in your life! We'll get the whole family as well as smaller groups. Say you're a family of two parents and two kids. We'll get all four of you, then just the kids, just the kids and each parent, each kid individually, and just the parents.



My kiddo sessions are kid-focused and made to document this special time in their life. Feel free to bring a couple of different outfits and maybe a couple of your kiddo's favorite toys if they still play with them. We'll spend some time playing and some time posing, and your kiddo will think that even the posing time is play time. Expect posed and candid photos!




Family  Reunions


This package was created specifically for anyone planning a family reunion. We'll make sure to get a photo of everyone in attendance, and then each subgroup and each nuclear family. For example, we'll get great-grandparents, their children, and all of the generations after. Then, each grandparent and their families, followed by each child and their children. Also -- we can get all the cousins, all the great-grandkids, all the grandkids, etc. We'll customize it to your family!