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Love Stories


You might be a Rebbecca Rose couple if...

  • You need direction with posing. (Seriously -- what do you DO with your hands?) I will help you pose in flattering ways, including many that look unposed! 

  • You value genuine interaction. Not only will I be real with you throughout our relationship, I also have prompts to elicit genuine reactions and interactions between you and your partner/s. (Those are what you'll remember in years to come, after all!)

  • You are okay with me dancing at your reception. Just on the sidelines -- and it probably won't be good -- but it's going to happen. Blame your DJ!

  • You value the little moments. While the big moments stitch the fabric of our lives together, you know that the tiny, little moments are what make up the actual fabric.

  • You know that your photographs will outlast other mementos of your love story. Once the cake has been eaten, the gifts opened and "thank you's" sent, and your wedding attire hung up, you'll have your wedding photos to look back on -- and so will future generations. 

About Your Rebbecca Rose Wedding

It all starts with hello. After you fill out the inquiry form, I'll respond with either a quote or with an email asking for more information about your vision if that helps me create a quote for you. If you'd like to meet and discuss things in person before deciding to book, I would love that! To make things official, a retainer and a signed contract are required. Both of those occur in my online client portal, where we can also share documents, messages, and where other important bits of your #fpwedding will occur. I will send you a welcome magazine to help you create the best plan for your wedding day and it's full of tips and tricks. If you choose to have an engagement session, we'll hang out for a few hours while you and your partner/s flirt up a storm.  As your wedding gets closer, I'll send you online questionnaires to get to know your love story as well as the timeline for your wedding day and there will be a couple of emails that I'll send you to make sure we're on the same pagePersonally, I love it when my clients want to attend a consultation meeting before their wedding to iron out any last-minute questions or get timeline help, but I don't require this. Of course, I'll be there all along the way to answer any questions -- you can call, text, or email me -- and you can also message me through the portal! 

On your wedding day, my team and I will arrive and say hello before getting to work. Typically, we let the venue, theme, and decor provide inspiration for how we shoot your story, but we are always sure to ask if there are any parts of it that you are your favorites. We stay in the background for most of the day and just document you and your crew do what needs to be done -- of course, we'll be there to happily provide suggestions if needed for what would be the best plan photographically. The part of the day in which we will be most involved is the formal portraits -- even if you don't have a wedding party or lots of family in attendance, we'll still photograph what you previously requested (and any that may have changed in the days leading up to your wedding) and of course you and your new spouse/s. We're there for however many hours you booked us for, so if that means we're staying all the way through your glowstick exit or just through a few of the reception songs, we'll be sure to say goodbye before we depart from your wedding. 

After your wedding, I'll get to work sorting through the thousands of images from your day. I'll share one of my favorites on Instagram within a week of your wedding. A few weeks after that, you'll be able to see more images in the blog post I share about your day. You'll have your wedding images in your hands no later than 8 weeks after your wedding.